A great honor – and great company

I am humbled and pleased to announce that I have been included in a list of “50Powerful People” in the field of entertainment technology by LiveDesign Magazine. It is a HUGE honor for me to be included in this list with the likes of Abe Jacob, Jonathan Deans, Mark Holden, John Meyer, Scott Lehrer, Tom Clark, Mark Menard, Nevin Steinberg  in the audio filed as well as the big names of lighting, staging and projection. My thanks go out to the folks at LiveDesign and I hope I can live up to this award.

Here is an an explanation of the list:

Here is the link to the full list:


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4 Comments on “A great honor – and great company”

  1. Michael Häck Says:

    Congratulations Bob!

    As I told you in Montabauer: You are my mentor.

    Kind regards


    • 6o6 Says:

      Thanks Micheal,
      We are working on scheduling for theis fall and it looks like I will make it back to Germany. Hope to see you there


  2. Congrats and well deserved!


  3. 6o6 Says:

    Thanks John,

    I am looking forward to coming to your school in May. All these years I have come to New York and never seen Brooklyn – this time I will!

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