New York Trainings – Updated with Pics

I am in NYC this week for two rounds of classes: SIM3 training in Brooklyn and the Broadway Sound Master class on the NYU campus in the East Village. The SIM class is at City Tech in Brooklyn – which is where John Huntington teaches. We have several of his students joining the class which is really nice. This trip marked a first for me – even though I have been coming to NYC quite regularly since 1984 this was the 1st time I ever set fot in Brooklyn. We arelocated over by the legendary brooklyn bridge and I can see it from the school – so hey – I can add another borough to my list……Manhattan, Queens – been 2 places there – La Guardia AND JFK – wow, and now two places in Brooklyn – City Tech AND Peter Luger – the famous steakhouse.

We are halfway through the class and pretty much right on schedule. Looking forward to the BSMC this weekend – always a great learning experience for me

****** John Huntington was kind enough to take some pics of the seminar.


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12 Comments on “New York Trainings – Updated with Pics”

  1. Daniel Says:

    See you at BSMC!

  2. Kenien Spann Says:

    We just wrapped and it was a GREAT experience! Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Bob! Thanks again for the great class. Even though I had to leave a little early on Friday I really learned a lot. Hope the Master Class at NYU went well. All the best on all your travels! Jacob 😀

    • 6o6 Says:

      Thanks jacob,
      It was a pleasure to meet you. Good luck out there in the world of “OMG what PA do we have tonight?”


  4. Ken Goodwin Says:

    Hi Bob,

    Your SIM3 and system tuning class was an amazing opportunity. The lecture and comments from the back of BSMC were always well appreciated for their humor and clarity. I definitely will keep up with the blog. Hope to see you again.


  5. Joey Curran Says:


    Get ye to The Bronx!!! Arthur Ave, a real Little Italy. City Island, NYC’s fishing village! The New York Botanical Gardens, one of the most beautiful spots in all of Urban America. And………….Yankee Stadium.

    Need I say more?


    • 6o6 Says:

      You had me ready to pack my bags for the Bronx until the word “Yankee” ;-).

      • Joey Says:

        Don’t let that put you off, no red blooded American can deny the historic and cultural magnitude of Yankee Stadium. Don’t let the fact that the Yankees play there keep you from experiencing another jewel of Urban America. 😉

      • 6o6 Says:

        Agreed. I should get there at some point.

  6. JP Says:

    Historic? Cultural? Uh, the stadium is ONE YEAR OLD!

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