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UCI Line array tuning description updated – SIM data added

August 27, 2010

I finally got the time to sort through the SIM traces from the UCI line array tuning. The SIM data is now present in the UCI seminar post located here

This took a long time but it is actually some of the clearest data I have had a chance to put together. 99% of the time we get going tuning and some of the data does not get stored  – or there are just not enough clear steps to tell the story. This is a very good record of the process – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Asia Seminars 2010

August 6, 2010

I am on my way today to Tokyo. Sort of.  First Dallas for a 16 hour layover and then on to Tokyo. I have a seminar in Shinjuku and then on to Hong Kong where we will do it all again.

This last month has been CRAZY BUSY – and I am NOT complaining – but I am officially making excuses. For the last………… I don’t know days I have been working my way down my “to-do” list and never reaching “BLOG POST” . Each day begins with – tonight I am going to catch up on the blog…………………… and ends with sleep instead. Well actually i did work on it  several times – and that accounts for the 5 or 6  saved drafts on various subjects such as the Broadway Sound Master Class, The Berkeley Seminar, SIM data from the UC Irvine, Angle stuff about arrays, a diatribe on stereo, and oh yeah – phase circles – more cardioid stuff , all pass filters — yeah , yeah , yeah.

So I am sorry to disappoint anyone – BUT – hey I was actually doing some cool stuff where I got paid – and that trumps cool stuff for free.  So I will be revving things back up about these seminars – and then finish up my pile of incompletes here.

And check this out – I got this awesome computer program BAND IN A BOX – Enough to keep me busy on the guitar FOREVER. But so far it has been Program in the Box. So that is the way it goes. 

Off we go. Later

Ohskade sama deshita

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