Morristown Community Theater SIM3 Tuning

This has been a busy week for tunings. in an 8 day period I am scheduled to do two jobs: Morristown Community Theater and Carnegie Hall. The Morristown job is done and I am half way through Carnegie at this moment. The Morristown system was a really interesting tuning. It was a room/system that had everything you might encounter in the field. Left/Right mains were 15 box Line arrays in 3 segements (A-B-C) There were frontfills, underbalcony fills, an overbalcony fill, infills, outfills, a center downfill and subs. The room is a heritage 1920’s vintage art deco movie house which limited the placement options. Everyone there was great to work with. I was invited by Jonathan Peirce to get it done in two days. we definitely filled those days up.

I got crappy photos – but good SIM data and both will follow after I get done with Carnegie.

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5 Comments on “Morristown Community Theater SIM3 Tuning”

  1. Yena Says:

    Sounds interesting. What are the infills and outfills mean? I want to join when you do the tuning someday..:)

  2. Yena Says:

    Sounds interesting! I want to join when you do the tuning someday. 🙂
    By the way what are the infills and outfills mean?

    • 6o6 Says:

      Yena, Hopefully you can join for the tunings in Korea next year. Infill speakers are left and right speakers, usually on the outside edge of the stage – pointing inwards to fill seats that are too far for the frontfills but too close for the mains. These are used mostly when the mains have to fly high. Outfills are similar put face outside toward the outer corners, usually in halls where seats are close but far out to the edge and you dont want to hit them with the mains and get strong reflections

  3. JP Says:

    First off, I would like to thank Bob for a great job, a lot of fun, and of course a great learning experience. I am typing up a brief description, I’ll post it here or on my site. We did our first show with the new tunings, Pat Metheny Orchestrion, and it was BEAUTIFUL.

    Thanks 606!


    • 6o6 Says:

      Thanks Jonathan,
      That is great to hear – that is a quality act and I’m glad to the system was up for it. Thanks for giving me the chance to be part of it.


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