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Fall Teaching Tour: Vilnius

November 2, 2010

This is the 3rd year in a row that I have done a set of SIM Seminar in the fall in Europe. In the previous years we did Montebaur Germany (2x) and London (2x) and Madrid (1x). This year we mixed it up with two new cities: Vinius and Berlin and a 3rd round of London.

Vilnius is the largest city in Lithuania. Lithuania (the country) has the same population as my home city (St. Louis) of 3 million people. St. Louis is famous for bad beer. In Lithuania they prefer stronger stuff!

My host company was Ogmios Pulsas and I was well taken care of by Ramunas and Vitius. They showed me around the city and we tested out numerour restaurants, live music clubs, drinking spots, Ramunas’ house and almost…………..the local strip club by the hotel. It seems we did not drink QUITE enough to get there.  The class was quite full and included important engineers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Russia and more. Peoplpe were very focused on the subject at hand. It is amamzing what a difference the years make. It was not so long ago that I would stand in front of a bunch of folks and the message I got back was “Why can’t we just do it by ear?’  Nowadays a seminar is filled with folks who understand the power of the modern analyzer – and whether they use SIM, or one of the many Sons of SIM they are using the dual channel FFT – and they want to know how to do it better. I no longer have to convince people that using their ears AND an analyzer is the best combination for dealing with this VERY COMPLEX subject.

I really enjoyed everybody there. We had a great time at Ram’s house, eating, drinking and playing Jazz (and a bit of Rock’n’roll).  Thanks so much and I hope to come back there soon.

Ramunas - my host for the week

Vitius aught me lots about Vilnius history and culture... including an advanced drinking seminar

Hands on time at the SIM3

This is where we can see which students were on Facebook instead of SIM

This is Stephan Kruppa. He does all the hard work to make my seminars easy for me. He also thinks that is a drum in his hand.