Anything but audio

I would spend more time blogging audio, more time reading audio bulletin boards, more time researching, etc., etc., etc., except that I have a few things I like to do that can EASILY fill up my time.  There is spending time with my wife and family, which is category #1. Then there is category #2. The humiliating hobby of sucking at guitar. Other fun things include model trains, the study of World War II U-boats, ancient history and whatever else comes along.  I don’t watch television so that means there is usually some time left in a day to do something interesting. So here is where I will throw stuff up in off topic areas. Anything goes.


Here are some pics of the McCarthy-Pacific Railroad

4 Comments on “Anything but audio”

  1. Tom Lyon Says:

    Hi Bob,
    First of all, thanks for the great blog. Second of all, the next time you visit Germany, go to Hamburg and visit I got a chance a month ago when DMB started their European Tour there, and it was so massive and impressive, I went the following morning as well.



    • 6o6 Says:

      Thanks Tom,

      I had read about this place in a magazine – looks amazing. Hopefully I will get over to Germany this fall.


  2. Stephen Devine Says:

    I wanna come to your place and blow up the trains!!!

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