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Poll results are in for the cable test

March 13, 2011

So it looks like 78 people took the survey. Here are the preliminary results on John Huntington’s site.  I have long ago given up any fantasies that I am a Golden Ear. My response to listening to these tracks was that I could not hear any difference. From the survey results it looks like either (A) even Golden Ears can’t tell, because…..uh…… we can’t tell, (B) John bought horn cables and then used a piano for the source. If he had used piano cable we would have heard the difference.

Ahhh… Don’t get me started!

But just one thing……For me, the DEAD giveaway on the VooDoo Magic nature of this topic is when people start talking about cable cleaning up the midrange…. “midrange mud” etc.  MIDRANGE!   That would be the part of the cable’s response that would be the same with 24 AWG or 2.4 AWG. That would be the part of the response left unchanged between the long jump and the marathon distances.

If there was really a dramatic difference in our VERY low electromagnetic frequencies of audio between wire twisted this way – or that (just because we work a gig doesn’t mean we hear a gigahertz) ,  then think of the HUGE the difference there would be between a 1 meter and a 10 meter cable. OMG there is 10x as much wire length!  That would be NIGHT & DAY if the real world spun on the axis of the cable marketeers.  Now we know the REAL reason the Left and Right in our PA never quite match!

If you want to REALLY fix midrange mud these are some of things that might help: Turn down the monitors. Isolate the mics. Put some curtains up. Put in a midrange filter and cut. Point the speakers in the right place. Splay the speakers apart. I could write a book on it……

If you want to talk about the audio properties of cable AT LEAST center the discussion around the parts of the audio spectrum that may actually be affected by the differences in wiring topology: the extremes.

Oh crap…I got started. I’ll stop now before I really get started…..

PS: I got a much bigger difference from Pre-Beer to Post-Beer than between A and B. 🙂


Getting caught up……3rd update

June 9, 2010

I am in the process of updating miscellaneous posts-in-progress. I am working on screen dumps for the Macau COD job. I have LOTS. Also some sketches to show the basic layout there.

Also have seminar pics to add (Mexico and NYC, Broadway Sound Master Class)  and some addtnl phase wavelength stuff.

1st Update: Macau Day 7: Underwater SIM  is here:

2nd Udpate NYC trainings – pics added

3rd Update: Mexico Seminars

Latest news………

February 12, 2010

Feb 12:  Added War story #2

Feb 11:  added Part IV to the impulse response saga. That’s all I have to say on that for the moment, pending any comments or questions

School news:  We just added a SIM school on to my schedule: New York City,  May 17-20


Some updates and future topics

February 3, 2010

I added some graphics to the discussion on Cardioid subwoofers, and ABC of line array tuning. I should have some graphics up for the coherence discussion later this week. I am also in the middle of an old war story. 

I was thinking about a few future topics to meander on about:

1) Why I don’t use the impulse response to set the timing for subwoofers

2) The emotional baggage of equalization

3) what topics I cover in my seminars

Whenever I am away from my computer I think of great topics then………………poof

Any suggestion?

Just added first war story

January 26, 2010

I turned on the way-back machine to tell a tale from a LONG time ago. You can find it in the War Stories tab on the right


Away on vacation – will return the 24th of Jan

January 13, 2010

Heading south to get some heat. Stay – or get warm folks. See you soon